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On September 22nd, Forbes released their annual 400 Richest People in America list. The goal of this site is to highlight the REAL Richest People in America, people who are making a difference. This list will focus on richness in giving with the aim of inspiring businesses and individuals to give of their profits and their time.

Recipients were selected not because of what they have but because of what they give. “True richness comes from the love of giving back to society and happens whether you make $10,000 or $10 million a year,” says list founder Tim Richardson.

The people on the list reflect the best about the joy of giving back to others by using their time, talents, and resources to make a difference in the world.

Nominees include a woman who has devoted her life to helping those suffering in war-torn countries, a man who was living in his car at age 18 but now is financially independent and working to eradicate poverty in the world, a twenty-something-year-old who founded an organization to educate children all over the world, a coffee-growing company that uses its profits to help educate people in the coffee growing regions of the world, and a former Microsoft VP who is setting up libraries in remote villages all over the world.

Inspirational speaker Tim Richardson compiled the list with the help of a volunteer team who looked throughout the US to find people who believe that REAL Richness comes from giving. The goal of the project is to change the perception of what it means to be rich by sharing a new message of wealth with the world. Richardson is also spear-heading the World's Biggest Blog Party, a project to try to raise over a million dollars for a number of charities. The project will use bloggers to write about people making a difference and the great work of philanthropic organizations, both small and large.

This positive project aims to redefine richness and focus media attention on internal rather than external wealth. After all, Richardson says, "It's not about how good you are, it's about what good you do."
About The Author
Click here for more information about Tim: TimRichardson.com Tim believes that serving and giving are fundamental to success in life. He’s founder and president of the Bill Walter III Melanoma Research Fund (BWMRF), a foundation that gives money to patients who can’t afford medical treatment and sponsors symposiums for leading melanoma researchers from all over the world. He has ridden his bicycle thousands of miles to raise awareness for MS and in 2000 was the 2nd highest fund raiser in the MS 150 in North Florida, one of the biggest MS rides in the US. He is co-founder and a board member of the newly formed Jeff Roth Cycling Founation and serves on a task force to help fight obesity in schools. Tim has been on work trips to third world countries, volunteered in the scouting program, served as a Big Brother and many other volunteer efforts. He is writing Living Rich about the people and organizations that are making the lives of others rich through their work.

Richardson’s mission is to inspire people to spread the message that you get rich by giving and that your greatest investments are made in the lives of those you help. Tim is author of JumpStarts: Wit and Wisdom to Super Charge Your Day and donates all the proceeds from his book to the BWMRF.

Inspirational speaker and author Tim Richardson and is currently working on his latest book based upon this project. Tim is author of JumpStarts: Wit and Wisdom to Super Charge Your Day and donates all the proceeds from his book to the BWMRF.

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