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Nominees for the 2010 Richest People List
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John Bryant, Founder and Chairman of Operation Hope
John Hope Bryant is on a mission to eradicate the world of poverty. His organization, Operation HOPE has raised over 350 million dollars which has helped over 205,000 low-wealth children learn about financial literacy, provide business and home loans for under-resourced individuals, and serve as an economic Red Cross delivering economic triage to victims of disasters like 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina.
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Becky Zaheri, Founder of Katrina Krewe
Before Hurricane Katrina, Becky Zaheri was a soccer mom who lived a pretty good life. Her life, like many others was uprooted in August of 2005. After returning to her home in New Orleans, she organized groups of people to help clean up over 250,000 pounds of trash through recruiting volunteers. As the news of their work continued to spread, thousands of people were coming from all over the world for her bi-weekly trash parties. Read more

Craig Kielburger, Founder of Free the Children
Craig's organization is the largest network of children helping children through education in the world. He’s helped more than one million young people who have been involved in innovative programs in more than 45 countries. Craig has traveled to more than 50 countries to visit one of the 450 schools that his organization has helped to build and to witness the progress the organization is making. Free the Children has been nominated three times for the Nobel Peace Prize and has partnerships with the United Nations and Oprah's Angel.
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Shane Claiborne, Founder of the Simple Way
Shane lives among the poor in a Philadelphia suburb which has long since had its heyday. His group helps renovate homes for the poor, works with former homeless kids on after school arts and literacy programs, provides food and clothing for the area homeless, and he shares his faith with street people. All of this is done out of the home he shares with other Simple Way residents. The Simple Way has no paid staff or administrative costs. Each of the community members contribute part of the money that they raise through part time jobs. The group believes in relational tithing, with each contributing ten percent of their income to a common account to fund their work. Read more Read more

John Sage, founder of Pura Vida Coffee
John founded Pura Vida Coffee with the idea that he wanted to combine capitalism and compassion. To date, his company has donated more than 1.5 million dollars, monies that have been directly reinvested into communities where Pura Vida Coffee is purchased. Coupled with donations of another 1.5 million dollars, Pura Vida has been able to lift the standard of living for people in regions where coffee beans are grown, help ensure kids get hot meals, and offer scholarship and educational opportunities. Pura Vida is using the power of the market place, and tools John studied twenty years at Harvard, to generate resources for poor communities and not merely personal fortunes. Read more
John Wood, Founder and CEO of Room to Read
Room to Read has sponsored the opening of more than 280 schools and 3,600 multi-lingual libraries across the developing world. The organization has distributed over 2.8 million children’s books and supports more than 2,300 girls with long-term scholarships. John describes these results as “total tip of the iceberg” as Room to Read plans to increase this literacy network to 20,000 libraries and schools serving at least 10 million children. The organization currently operates in seven countries in Asia and Africa, ranging from Cambodia to Nepal and South Africa.
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Carol Schillios, founder of the Fabric of Life Foundation
Carol, a consultant in cooperative credit union movement formed The Fabric of Life Foundation with her Malian friend, Kaaba. Both women have full time jobs and in their "spare" time run a center to help the poorest of the poor -- young begging girls -- learn sewing, fabric weaving, dyeing and beading skills to generate income and break the cycle of poverty. At the first graduation, the First Lady of Mali, handed out the diplomas at graduation ceremonies in the capital city of Bamko in front of a crowd of 300 officials who thought turning former begging girls from the streets of Bamako into businesswoman couldn’t be accomplished. Carol was recently awarded the National Credit Union Foundation 2007 Herb Wegner Award.
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Clara Kirk, Founder of Clara's House
In 1987, Clara Kirk opened the doors to Clara’s House, a home for homeless and battered woman and their children. In the years since, over 10,000 women and children have been given shelter in Clara’s House, over 22,000 meals have been served, clothes, linens, and toiletries have been provided, and job training skills, substance abuse counseling, parenting classes, and health screenings have been provided to its residents . In addition to Clara’s House, there is Clara’s Second Stage Housing which provides furnished apartments for single mothers in need of more than just temporary shelter. In 2003, Clara Kirk established Clara’s House Academic Center, which provides GED classes for adults, after school tutoring for children, as well as computer training for both children and adults.
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Tom Tuohy, Founder of Dreams for Kids
Tom Tuohy founded Dreams for Kids in 1989 as a non profit, charitable organization dedicated to elevating the lives of those who suffer from disability. Dreams for Kids has provided benefits ranging from scholarships, mentorship, social activities, and kids parties. In 1996, a fifteen year old quadriplegic, J.J. O’Connor, now the organization’s Vice President, introduced Dreams for Kids to the world of physical and mental disabilities. This led to the introduction of an expansive recreational and sports program giving thousands of children with physical and mental limitations the social and life changing opportunity to play dozens of sports, such as baseball, basketball, waterskiing, and kayaking.
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Chris Stewart
For outstanding service in 2006, Chris Stewart, a longtime Kansas City Hospice & Palliative Care volunteer, received the Heart of Hospice Patient Care Volunteer of the Year Award. Read More
Kate Adamson
Ten years after her stroke, Kate is a professional motivational speaker, an award-winning author, and champion of the possibility of positive change. “Near the end of my hospital treatment, and long before my life had any chance of becoming ‘normal,’ my husband and I decided this struggle, this journey, was much more important than just my recovery,” said Kate. Read More
Savannah Walters
Very early in her life, Savannah Walters developed a passion for the environment and wildlife. In second grade, her class did an in-depth study of the Arctic and she fell in love with that wild place. That same year, she and her family visited the Grand Canyon where she and her little brother, Garrett, took the Junior Rangers course, which finished with an oath to protect the environment and teach others to do the same. She took that oath very seriously and when she learned of proposals to drill for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, she became concerned about... Read More
Nancy Rivard, Founder of Airline Ambassadors
Airline Ambassadors (AA) was formed by American Airlines, flight attendant Nancy Rivard. Nancy runs AA out of her San Francisco home, while flying fulltime and helping to coordinate up to ten missions a month. On these missions, AA members hand deliver supplies to children in need and escort children who need medical care. Nancy helps give opportunities to ordinary people to deliver school supplies, newborn kits, wheelchairs, HIV medicine, and vitamins around the globe. Nancy says, "A life oriented around oneself does not ultimately bring happiness. A life oriented around others does.”
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